The cleaning of the car is one of the easiest maintenance functions. Apart from getting the car clean, the paintwork needs to be taken into consideration to ensure that it is taken care of. Below are five great car detailing tips for the best care of any motor vehicle paint work.

Avoid washing under the hot sun

The best results can be achieved if the car is washed in the evening when the sun is not hot or under a shade. This ensures that water and detergent spots do not remain on the car paint. This happens as the water and detergent dries up under the sun leaving smears. The cool temperatures of the water cause the hot car body to contract which can cause cracks to the paint work.

Use high pressure for the pre-wash

When washing the exterior of the vehicle it is ideal to use a high pressure hose to remove the first coat of dirt on the car. Check out this website for more details about auto loans .

This is because the pressure makes grit and dirt to loosen. The use of a sponge or cloth will pick up grit which will be rubbed all over the car paint damaging the car paint. This is why at times there are scratches of an unexplained source on the paint work.

There should be a time allowance to allow the water to dissolve the dirt before the actual scrubbing is done at which time the inside of the car can be cleaned. After the dirt has loosened, the car is sprayed with water one more time to make the dirt to fall off making it easier to scrub.

Avoiding scratches during scrubbing

Use different containers for soapy and clean water. The use of two buckets is to avoid grit contamination which can cause scratches on the paint work. It is best to use a bucket containing soapy water for scrubbing and pressure wash for rinsing. The scrubbing should follow the contours of the vehicle and not in circles so as to avoid scratches that take the shape of cobwebs.

Vigorous scrubbing can cause damage to the paint work. Thorough but gentle scrubbing is recommended. The rag used in cleaning the car needs to be rinsed several times so as to get rid of dust and grease particles that can damage the paint.